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Artroveron 5 in 1 with Omega-3

Artroveron 5in1 combines 5 vital components that are necessary for joint function maintenance. The product contributes to joint mobility and fexibility, restores synovial membrane, reduces infammation processes, activates the joint regeneration and has the ability to retain fluid in the cartilage tissue, which provides good cushioning effect. The preparation provides complete joint restoration and treatment process, which includes three basic steps: reduces inflammatation, restores the joints and improves joint functions.
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Type II collagen
Recommended daily dosage2-3 capsules
Usage: recommended to use internally 1 capsule 2 - 3 times per day
Restrictions: none
Per package: 90 capsules
Original formula developed by Solepharm Pharmaceuticals research development team. 


The modern lifestyle has an essential role in the development of various joint diseases: it has become less active, besides that the food products that make our diet are not always the healthiest ones. Joints are important mechanisms of the human body to function properly, but they can wear out over time, so pain appears which restricts movements and makes daily life more complicated. People often notice it with such simple activities like climbing the stairs, bending and a prolonged standing on your feet.

Besides, not all people even know how to properly assess their physical strength and choose an adequate, balanced level of activities; hence they hurt both joints and the body as a whole. So athletes and those people, who have a great physical load, are recommended to take care of their joint health.

More and more people of different ages suffer from joint pain - osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint disease that affects the joint cartilage and the bone. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. Doctors admit that the number of osteoarthritis patients increases rapidly every year (1). Osteoarthritis develops both in the large joints (knee, hip etc.) and the small ones (palms etc.), and in the spinal vertebrae. This is the main cause of unpleasant feelings in the joints that undeniably affects the quality of life and may lead to disability. If the knee joint is affected, pain occurs when walking. The pain is localized in the joint front and increases during the moment of bending (especially, when climbing stairs) (2). If the hip joints are affected, initially the pain is not localized to the area of the hip, but in the knee joints, groins and buttocks. The pain intensifies while walking and disappears at rest. 30-50% of osteoarthritis patients experience swelling and joint instability (2,3,4).

Problems with the joints may be associated with impairment of the metabolic and endocrine system (diabetes or thyroid diseases), resulting in the weakening of muscle tone and joint control. The reason can also be the excessive weight, insufficient quantity of oestrogen, surgical manipulations etc (5).

A significant cause of joint issues is also various injuries (6). Old injuries can also have a significant bearing on the health of joints, the cartilage layer becomes thinner and less elastic, so even a normal load can cause the cartilage damage and, consequently, unpleasant feelings in the joints (6,7).

It is important to stop the degeneration (cartilage disintegration) process as it affects not only the overall well-being of the joint, but the whole body health, and hence the quality of life. In situations where no medical help is provided for the joints, mobility of the joints, cartilage and vertebrae may be lost. In this case, the only solution is to replace the joint with an artificial prosthesis (8,9).

The knee and hip osteoarthritis is more severe and often is the cause of disability. Degenerative hip joint injury during the lifetime develops in 1/4 of people. The pain grows slowly. It can begin in the groin, in the outer edge of the hip or in the area of the buttocks. The pain can radiate to the knee, making difficult to diagnose it. In order to avoid the pain, movements should be limited; especially difficult is the rotary movement. An increased body weight causes the additional load to these joints, contributing to the development of the degenerative process (9,10).

Cartilage damage is a natural ageing process of the body, but this can be minimized by using chondroprotectors - substances that can favourably affect the cartilage metabolic processes, reducing and slowing down the process of their damage.


  • Overweight leads to an increased load on joints
  • Too heavy physical load causes damage to joints, try as much as possible to observe precautionary measures and do it correctly, protecting yourself from unnecessary injuries
  • However, joints also need movement, sedentary lifestyle is harmful to the joints
  • The use of comfortable casual footwear is very important
  • Correct lifting of heavy items
  • Joints should be in the warmth, avoid prolonged stay in cold and wet premises as much as possible
  • It is recommended to take water procedures and massages; a warm bath also provides a relaxing effect (11)

If you encounter issues with joints: pain, restrictions of movement, swelling etc., you should visit a doctor. So far, over 1 000 different joint diseases are known, therefore, a specific knowledge is required to set the exact diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment. 

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