CNS (stress, sleep, mood)


StressLux is applicable for the reduction of such stress symptoms as nervousness, tension, excitement, anxiety, agitation, irritability. It is a herbal combination that is intended for use during the periods of increased stress. The product perfectly calms the nervous system, reduces the level of stress, improves mental health and provides an overall relaxing effect for the body.
  • Magnesium 
  • Valerian extract (Valeriana officinalis)
  • Hawthorn extract (Crataegus monogyna)
  • Coenzyme Q10
Recommended daily dosage: 2 capsules
Usage: recommended to use internally 1 capsule twice per day
Restrictions: recommended from the age of 6
Per package: 30 capsules
Original formula developed by Solepharm Pharmaceuticals research development team. 


The rhythm of modern life is rapidly accelerating. It inevitably refers to the human body. We feel the powerful impact of stress daily that affects our actions and decisions.

Of course, the better quality and more comfortable life a man lives, the better he feels. But is it really so? Quality of life and comfort come at a price: a well-paid, but very stressful job, loans, high requirements to life and yourself and the fear of losing it all. If you live with this burden for years, the probability of experiencing a nervous breakdown increases or at least – you encounter stress symptoms. Constant tension and nervous system overload can become a cause of nervous exhaustion, apathy and even deep depression (1).

We can notice the first warnings  at the physiological level: pain in various parts of the body, headache, increased or decreased blood pressure, digestive disorders, prolonged muscle tension, seizures, trembling hands, allergic rashes, weight gain or weight loss; sleep and/or appetite disturbances, sexual activity disorders. So the body reports that it is exhausted and attention should be paid to your well-being, both the body and mind should be allowed to relax and feel positive emotions (2).

The emotional symptoms of stress include: irritability, anger, indifference towards others, unjustified feelings of restlessness, increased alert. Behavioural and intellectual symptoms related to emotional symptoms of stress: an increased number of common errors in the usual activities, loss of  interest in the outer appearance, sleep and/or appetite disturbances develop, increase in the number of conflict situations in everyday life, tendency to workaholism, increases the feeling of a chronic lack of time, inability to concentrate, memory loss, permanent and often fruitless return to the same thoughts, difficulty in making decisions, negative thoughts etc (3,4,5).

The weakest is our heart, naturally the blood pressure increases. Stress can cause a wide range of other diseases – diabetes (high content of sugar in the blood), hypertension (the arterial pressure is high), asthma (a chronic airway inflammation), allergy (the body's increased sensitivity to something specific), stroke (the cerebral blood circulation disorders), infarction (heart disease), atherosclerosis (vascular disease), trombophlebitis (inflammation of veins associated with the formation of clots) etc. These diseases may also have far-reaching consequences such as heart attacks, various depressions, impaired coordination and oncologic issues (6,7).

It is possible to “relieve” the nervous system and restore harmony of the body and spirit by SPA procedures or active recreation: skiing, walks through the wood, sports games. Meditation, massage, healthy sleep is also good. A natural preparation can prove to be a good assistant  to reduce the symptoms of stress and normalize the nervous system activity. Such means can be used in the event of prolonged stress as they do not cause addiction and they always have a positive impact on the body (7,8).

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