Sore throat

Olefar Medical

Olefar Medical is a medical device for sore throat, that consist of natural oils that reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. It is unique with its mechanism, so that the preparation is sprayed directly on the surface of the damaged mucosa, thus it perfectly covers the mucosa and its micro ulcers.

The composition of three natural oils is made in a way that the preparation can effectively reduce pain and speed up the recovery process. This specific combination of oils provides long-lasting effect and it can be used for children from age of 2.  


  • Sea Buckthorn oil (Ol. Hippophae)
  • Calendula oil (Ol. Calendulae)
  • Bergamot oil (Ol. Bergamii)

Recommended daily dosage: 750 mg

Usage: recommended 1 dose 3 times per day (1 dose equals 3 times of pressing the spray mechanism, which is approximately 250 mg of the product)

Restrictions: recommended from age of 2

Per package: 20 ml

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